The Global Latin America is an Interdisciplinary Lecture and Engagement Series that foregrounds the vibrant diversity of one of the world’s largest and most complex regions. Since early 2016, Global Latin America’s founding members have carried out a highly-successful program of events that collectively highlight the multitude of ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds defining Latin American peoples, and provoke discussion on the ways the region’s diverse population connects with people across the Hemisphere and across the world. We invite renowned experts on the region to give lectures on the most cutting-edge research on Latin America’s global heritage. We also sponsor student participation in national and international forums and research on global and borderlands themes. In so doing, Global Latin America takes our community’s bilingual, bicultural orientation and unique geographic location on the United States-Mexico border as a critical foundation to cultivate global awareness among our students and future leaders. These forums enhance our community’s access to global knowledge and empowers our faculty, students, and community members to take an active role in these important intellectual exchanges on Hemispheric and borderlands issues.

Resendez Public Lecture 1